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We, the people of Saint Paul Catholic Community,
Believe that all people were created by God as an act of love,
and redeemed by Jesus Christ as a continuation of that loving act.
Because we have received such love through the Holy Spirit,
we are called to be a community that fosters:

Recognition of God’s Gift of Love --
we educate our minds
through the study of Scripture and our Catholic teachings,
and we educate our hearts
through our service to one another’s needs --
spiritual, physical and emotional --
which leads us all to believe in the Source of love.

Response to such love --
we strive to live holy lives --
lives in accordance with God’s intentions for us –
and to assist one another in holiness.
God’s intention is that we live lives of praise and service.
Therefore, we value highly our prayer life together,
and having experienced God’s love for us
we desire to love and serve all persons –
from the unborn to those near the end of earthly life –
respecting the sanctity of human life.
As God serves those most in need,
so our attention must favor the most needy.

Spread the Gospel –
We are called to build up the universal church by our lives.
Thus, especially under the patronage of Saint Paul, the missionary,
we accept the responsibility to evangelize by word and action
outside the boundaries of our local community. Amen.
6901 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, Ky. 40258
Phone: (502) 935-1223
FAX: (502) 933-7747
Pastor: Rev. Dismas Veeneman, OFMConv.
Deacon: Gary Fowler
Rev. Camilius Gott, OFM Conv. (Retired)
Rev. Adam Bunnell, OFM Conv.
Rev. Charles McCarthy, OFM Conv. (Hispanic Ministry SW Louisville)
6901 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, Ky. 40258
Phone: (502) 935-5511
FAX: (502) 935-5596
Principal: Kevin Brever
Web Site: http://www.saintpaulschool.net