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Our parish is located at 6901 Dixie Highway in an area known in the past as Pleasure Ridge Park. The Church community is located about halfway between Fort Knox and former city limits of Louisville before the merger of the city and country into Metro Louisville. The geographic area once served by Saint Paul is one of the oldest communities in Jefferson County today.

Other changes or additions in facilities began in 1979 when part of the former convent was converted into meetings rooms and named Hilary Hall. In 1980 a storage room and former classroom was converted into Our Lady of Vocations Chapel in the rear of the Church building. In April 1982 while Father Hilary Gottbrath was Pastor, a dream was fulfilled when construction began on a multi-purpose facility. The school children began using the gym portion of this structure in November 1982 and the project was completed in December 1982.

The smaller size of the present parish is due to the fact that this section of the County saw the first effects of the tremendous growth and development in the late forties and early fifties, necessitating the establishment of additional parishes to serve the Catholic community.

The educational level of our members is extremely varied, from no formal education to Ph.D.’s. But most of our parishioners have higher aspirations for their children.

The occupations vary from highly skilled to unskilled; professional; armed forces; civilian governmental work; industry and services; and some who are self-employed. Most families are well situated and are able to provide a comfortable living, though the parish does have some indigent households.
Present St. Paul Parish
In reading the history of our present day parish, it is necessary to remember that this small parish of today is, in a sense, the mother-parish, wholly or in part, of at least eight other parishes in the surrounding area of Jefferson County. Through the years as new homes were built the parish boundary lines have changed many times with the creation of new parishes by the Archdiocese. Since the early fifties these have included:

Saint LawrenceSeptember 1953
Saint ClementAugust 1956
Our Lady Help of ChristiansJuly 1957
Saint Jerome, FairdaleAugust 1957
Our Lady of ConsolationJanuary 1960
Saint PolycarpJuly 1960
Incarnation ChurchDecember 1966

With each change in parish boundaries the character of the parish changed by the subtraction or addition of families, but the area served always became smaller. Many of our present day families have lived in the area about fifty years. What once was an area predominantly either Roman Catholic or Baptist has become more diversified with the addition of other Christian denominations. We are increasingly becoming the People of God.
6901 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, Ky. 40258
Phone: (502) 935-1223
FAX: (502) 933-7747
Pastor: Rev. Dismas Veeneman, OFMConv.
Deacon: Gary Fowler
Rev. Camilius Gott, OFM Conv. (Retired)
Rev. Adam Bunnell, OFM Conv.
Rev. Charles McCarthy, OFM Conv. (Hispanic Ministry SW Louisville)
6901 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, Ky. 40258
Phone: (502) 935-5511
FAX: (502) 935-5596
Principal: Kevin Brever
Web Site: http://www.saintpaulschool.net