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St. Paul SchoolOther structures so familiar to the parishioners go back to 1941 when our first school building was constructed. It was enlarged to double the capacity in 1953 under the leadership of Father James Hermes, pastor. The former convent was completed in 1956 and the present Friary in 1960. Both of these buildings were constructed by the men of the parish. This amounted to a tremendous saving to the parish and is aptly described as a "Labor of Love".

The Sisters of Mercy came to Saint Paul School in 1910. That year two Sisters had 19 students. By 1953 eleven hundred children were taught by nineteen Sisters. The Sisters of Mercy due to declining numbers in their own ranks had to withdraw from Saint Paul School in the late 1970's. The parish and school is much smaller than it was in 1953 since our parish community has been carved in whole or in part eight different times as new parishes were formed in southwest Jefferson County.

We feel that our school is an integral part of our parish life. As in the past, our school will continue to enrich our homes, our community, and our democratic way of life. With the religious and educational aspects of our school, we are constantly striving in the pursuit of improving humankind as a whole and each individual as a separate unit to develop their maximum potential as a Catholic, a citizen and as a human being. We feel an obligation to educate our children in the best possible manner, using the latest standards and enable students to accumulate knowledge continuously up-dating their education. Most parents have above average interest in Catholic education for their children. This is demonstrated by their valiant efforts to maintain and support our school by their cooperative attitudes when asked to help both financially and physically,

Therefore, it is essential that we recognize the uniqueness, dignity and worth of each individual in our parish school, regardless of personal differences, attitudes, prejudices, likes and dislikes. We hope to instill true Catholic Christian attitudes and beliefs.
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Pastoral Administrator: Deacon Nicholas Wolfla, OFM Conv J.C.L.
Deacon: Gary Fowler
Rev. Adam Bunnell, OFM Conv.
6901 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, Ky. 40258
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Principal: Jen Burba
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